Sunday, January 1, 2012

Most Popular Posts, 2011

What were the most popular posts on Stochastic Trend in 2011? It was pretty random :)

1. 2009 Journal Citation Report Released (1525 hits). People are very interested in learning what are the top journals. Even if the report is a year out of date.

2. IAmScientist (939 hits). Also they are interested in scientific social networking.

3. Marginal Cost Curve for Crude Oil (606 hits). As oil prices rose again, the cost of oil production remains a popular topic.

4. How Does CSIRO Compare to Australian Universities? (544 hits). This is the most popular post actually written in 2011. Discussion of a paper comparing CSIRO's publication performance with the top Australian universities.

5. ERA Ranked Journal List is Out(368 hits). Even though the ranked journal list was abolished a lot of people are still using it.

6. Energy Mix and Energy Intensity (343 hits). Down from 3rd place last year, this is the most popular post on my own research content.

7. How Does PLoS ONE Have Such a High Impact Factor? (308 hits). This post is only a couple of months old but is already one of the more popular ones.

8. The Ecological Economics Critique (237 hits). Down from 4th place last year. Another part of my serialization of this paper.

8. Synthesizing Diesel Fuel Using Cyanobacteria (220 hits).

9. SD Memory Cards (214 hits).

So, only three posts actually written in 2011. I'll have to take some lessons from this when writing in 2012!

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