Thursday, January 19, 2012

Abstract Deadline for Perth IAEE Conference Extended

The submission deadline for the IAEE conference in Perth has been extended till after the IAEE meeting in Kyoto. So if you missed the deadline you now still have a chance to send in an abstract. Together with my collaborators, I've submitted a total of three abstracts. Two are on meta-analysis and the other is based on my foundation seminar at ANU.

The conference organizers report:

"We have had a solid abstract submission response by the initial deadline, and we are processing those submissions straight away. However, the program committee has decided that we will be open to additional submissions until the end of the Kyoto conference. This will not delay our decision and notification process for those received by the deadline, it just allows the opportunity for those who may been caught out by the Holiday Season. We look forward to seeing you all in Perth in June!

If you have not yet downloaded the Abstract Template, please visit our website to download it."

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