Monday, January 2, 2012

Crawford School Working Papers

I am taking over the role of research director in the Crawford School. Apart from being responsible for the PhD programs I also deal with a set of research-related issues. Instead of just posting about CCEP working papers I plan to highlight developments across all our publications in future blogposts.

I've put together a page with some links to our publications as they appear in various online services. We have six currently active working paper series that are indexed on RePEc (let me know if I missed something out):

Crawford School Research Papers : This is our new school-wide series, which is cataloged on both RePEc and SSRN and is intended to cover the range of disciplines represented at the school. However, different disciplines have different traditions of working papers. In some disciplines putting out a working paper precludes publication in a journal (in much of biology, for example). By contrast, economics has a very strong working paper tradition. So not all disciplines are likely to be equally represented here.

Arndt-Corden Department of Economics, Departmental Working Papers: This is the long-running working paper series of the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics which is now a department within the Crawford School and was formerly the economics department of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies. The series focuses on economic development and trade particularly in Asia and the Pacific.

ASARC Working Papers: This series is put out by the Australia South Asia Research Centre.

Asia Pacific Economics Papers: This series is published by the Australia-Japan Research Centre.

CCEP Working Papers: Readers of this blog will be familar with this series produced by CCEP.

Development Policy Centre Discussion Papers: Another new series from the Development Policy Centre at Crawford.

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