Friday, October 24, 2014

Odds of Becoming a Professor

This graphic is from a 2010 UK report and is based on UK data. Only 0.45% of PhDs eventually become a full professor. I didn't think the odds were quite that low. Of course, as in Australia, full professor is a higher rank than it is in the US as we have 4 rather than 3 academic ranks. Another interesting report I recently saw on Australian PhDs. Apparently in 2011 Australia graduated about 7000 PhDs which is about 1/7 of the US figure, even though Australia has 1/15 of the US population. And the number of students starting PhDs in the year was 11,000.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Five Minute Paper

You may have heard about the Three Minute Thesis. Now we have the Five Minute Paper. Actually, it's called Elsevier Audioslides. Authors of articles in Elsevier journals are invited to create voiced over slide presentations about their papers to be hosted on Elsevier's website. The maximum length of recording is five minutes. As my presentation at LSE next week will cover my recent paper with Astrid Kander (as well as current work), I thought I could use some of the slides I made for an audioslides presentation on our paper. I didn't bother writing a script and just made it up as I went along. But that's the way it goes in a conference presentation too and, of course, in the Three Minute Thesis competition.

Here is the result.

I've also got an invite to do one for my paper in Biomass and Bioenergy. But as I've never presented that paper, I would have to make up the slides from scratch and I'm not sure it's worth the effort. I think I'll ask my coauthor if he wants to do it :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Seminar at University of Kassel

I promised more details on my seminar at University of Kassel: here they are. I will present our paper on modeling the emissions income relationship using long-run growth rates. My presentation will be at 2pm on 18 November in Sitzungsraum K33/FB07. If you need more details about location, ask Stephan Bruns who is organizing the "Empirical Workshop on Energy, Environment, and Climate Change" of which this talk is part. The workshop starts at 10 am and there will also be presentations by Heike Wetzel, Andreas Ziegler, Astrid Dannenberg, and Stephan.

New Dimensions in Ecological Economics: Elgar E-Book

Our edited book New Dimensions in Ecological Economics: Integrated Approaches to People and Nature is now available as an E-Book from Edward Elgar. This book was based on the 2000 ISEE international conference in Canberra that Mike Young and I organized.

Environmental & Resource Economics Acceptance Rate 2013

Just got an e-mail from the journal noting that they got just over 600 submissions in 2013. They have already reached that level at this point of 2014. Back in 2004 they got less than 200 submissions. This is a common trend at many journals including Ecological Economics, where I am an associate editor. The email from ERE also notes that their impact factor is now 1.7 and this too has risen over time (0.6 in 2005). One of the reasons for that is the increased coverage of economics journals in the Journal Citation Reports. The number covered doubled in the last decade and that increases the opportunity to get cited in outlets covered by the JCR. One thing, ERE don't report on is their acceptance rate, but it is easy to calculate. According to the JCR they published 83 articles in 2013. Therefore, the acceptance rate is 13%.

I previously reported that the acceptance rate at ERE was 21%. So, this is a big drop. This is also a common trend.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Interested in Graduate Study at ANU?

Come along to the information evening next week at University House. At 6:30pm in the Common Room, Frank Jotzo, Amanda Smullen, Paul Burke, and Sue Thompson will talk about what you can study and why at the Crawford School.