Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Typo in Directed Technical Change and the British Industrial Revolution

I hate reading my papers after they're published as there is usually some mistake somewhere. Unfortunately, I have to read them to do more research. I just found a typo in our 2021 paper in JAERE. Equation (8) should look like this:

In the published paper, there is a missing Gamma in the second term. 

I also noticed a couple of issues in the text of "Energy quality" published in Ecological Economics in 2010. One is in the introduction and is debatable: "Fuel and energy quality is not neccessarily fixed". This should be or instead of and or are instead of is. But it really isn't important. Then on p1475 we have "How does these measures". Again, not important.

Of course, the error in JAERE is not very important as the third term above is correct in the published paper.