Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Year in Review 2011

I started the year as a "Visiting Fellow" (i.e. unemployed but with an office etc. at the university) and ended as a full professor (appointed 15th August). In between I was an associate professor (from 10th January to 15th August). Of course, until mid 2007 I was a tenured associate professor in the US so this wasn't quite as meteoric a rise as it might seem :) (though it's debatable whether a US associate prof is equivalent to Australian one or to an Australian senior lecturer). I gave a "foundation seminar" for the new position on 1st November. The other major career highlight for the year was getting my first ARC grant.

I went on four international trips in the year. In April I went to Austria to be interviewed for a full professor position at Graz, which I didn't blog about at the time. It was a fun trip though pretty tiring. In the end they hired Martin Wagner, who I think is much more suitable for the position than I would have been. In July, I went to Korea for the IPCC, Working Group III first lead author meeting. I also gave a presentation at KEEI and did some sightseeing. In August, another new country - India - for a workshop on climate change policy. The final trip of the year was in late September and October to Ann Arbor, Michigan for another workshop.

On the publication front there were three papers which were officially published in 2011 - my review of energy and growth in Ecological Economics Reviews, publication finally of my paper on elasticities of substitution, and a paper on malaria and climate change with Simon Hay. The latter two papers were each submitted to four journals I think till we got them accepted... A couple of papers were also accepted, which hopefully will be forthcoming soon: Where in the world is it cheapest to cut carbon emissions? and The role of energy in the industrial revolution and modern economic growth. Both of these were published at the first place we sent them, but after a lot of revision. I also wrote a chapter for the Encyclopedia of Environmetrics on ecological economics.

Between all this I did manage to do some teaching :) I taught an introductory microeconomics course - Economic Way of Thinking I and gave a guest lecture at the Treasury as well as a series of three lectures in our flagship CRWF 8000 course.

That's probably enough of me talking about myself! Tomorrow there'll be a post on the most popular blogposts of 2011.

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