Sunday, December 4, 2011

Microsoft Academic Search

It turns out that Microsoft already had my idea of computing H-Indices for Institutions. I've got no idea how they calculate it, though. Probably based on the number of publications from that institution cited h times rather than the number of researchers cited h times as I suggested.

Microsoft Academic Search is another citation service that is apparently little known outside of library science circles. I only just discovered it despite being a citations junkie. According to them I have only 691 citations, which is just a bit above my count on RePEc and less than half my count on the Web of Science. They also think I'm still at RPI. But that is just my main entry. A whole bunch of my publications seem to be listed under separate identities at the University of Michigan and ANU as well as some smaller entries. So, I'm a bit skeptical about this service.

Contrary to some blogs I read, this service still seems to be under development.


  1. it seems your profile had been fixed, it's here:

  2. Yes, Microsoft have contacted me about this after reading my blogpost. I will be following up on this in a future post.