Thursday, July 19, 2012

Missing Infinity Sign

I just noticed that in the published version of our paper in the current issue of the Energy Journal on p132 6 lines from the bottom of the middle paragraph there is a gap after “AEE ->” where there should be an infinity sign. In other words, as effective energy goes to infinity the stated function of effective energy goes to zero.

I just checked the proofs I was sent back in January and the infinity sign was there correctly in the proofs, so I am going to try to get the journal to fix this in the online version. Most people can probably guess that there should be an infinity sign where the gap is, but it is still annoying that it disappeared between the proofs and the final version of the article appearing.

Especially as this really is one of the key points in our paper. If energy is essential, so that the elasticity of substitution is less than unity between it and capital and labor, then as effective energy gets more and more abundant the growth model gets more and more like the standard Solow growth model where energy doesn't affect growth.

P.S. 30th July 2012

I just heard from the journal that they have corrected this in the electronic version of the article. I'm impressed by how quickly this was resolved.

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