Friday, July 6, 2012

Final Versions of Two Papers Published

Nowadays, papers often are online for a while before they are officially published and in economics, of course, we often have a working paper version up for a while beforehand too. So I'm not sure when to announce that a paper is "published". Anyway, two papers are now up online in their final form with page numbers assigned:

Stern D. I. and A. Kander (2012) The role of energy in the industrial revolution and modern economic growth, Energy Journal 33(3), 125-152. Working Paper Version

Stern D. I., J. C. V. Pezzey, and N. R. Lambie (2012) Where in the world is it cheapest to cut carbon emissions?, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 56(3), 315-331. Working Paper Version

Both papers are "paywalled" but there are free working paper versions as indicated. I've blogged about both previously - on Stern et al. here and on Stern and Kander here.

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