Monday, July 30, 2012

ARC Laureate Fellowships Announced

The ARC announced the award of this year's round of Laureate Fellowships. The Laureate Fellowships - previously called 'Federation Fellowships" are the most prestigious grants offered by the ARC they provide a salary top up for the fellow, post-doc positions, and project funds for five years.

ANU won 4 out of the 17 Laureate Fellows announced and the College of Asia and the Pacific got two of these. The other two ANU awards went to my former Fenner School colleague David Lindenmayer and Eelco Rohling who is a climatologist at University of Southampton who will move to the ANU.

Elsewhere, there are several awards for coral reef science and John Quiggin's fellowship was renewed a second time. His proposed research will examine how financial regulation can be improved to reduce the vulnerability of the financial system and the macroeconomy to unforeseen shocks. His previous Federation Fellowship was focused on adaptation to climate change in the Murray Darling Basin.

James Cook university won two fellowships. Apart from that all the awards went to the Go8.

Congratulations to all the recipients!

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