Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visualizing Research Areas and Links

I've been trying to give an overview of my research for a presentation and came up with this:

I've tried to fit various of the topics I've worked on in the last decade within three disciplinary fields and the overlaps between them. In the middle I put "Meta" to represent my interest in meta-analysis and bibliometric analysis. This doesn't cover everything. My recent energy efficiency stuff is subsumed into energy and growth or EKC but it mostly covers the relevant topics. The variety of topics is one reason that I called this blog "stochastic trend". It's something of a random walk around these various areas of interest.

BTW the image was created in Powerpoint 2004 (Mac version) using "Autoshapes". I set the fills of the circles to 50% transparency to get the mixed colors where the circles overlap. There is a special tool for Venn Diagrams in the most recent version of Powerpoint.

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  1. Very nice. May borrow this for my own self promotion, if you don't mind - at some point I need to make a virtue out of my rather unfocused-looking cv.