Friday, June 17, 2011

Follow Up on SD Cards

After my flash drive died I finally followed up on my idea of using an SD Card instead. The drive died after being knocked one too many times while plugged into my laptop.

I bought a Dick Smith brand card as I wanted to get one right away after the flash drive died. It claims to be a Class 4 card but so far it seems to be extremely slow when writing data from my computer onto the card. This is rather disappointing.

And if you don't push the card into the SD slot fast enough it may not mount. At first I thought the card was a total dud!

Copying from the card to my laptop does appear to be acceptably fast. Here are the stats from XBench:

Comparing the results to those from a Lexar flashdrive and a 2005 vintage Sandisk SD card these stats seem to combine the weaknesses of both those systems.

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