Sunday, June 19, 2011

Special Issue of Energy Economics

The latest issue of Energy Economics is a special issue on the economics of technologies to combat global warming. I haven't read the papers in detail yet, but there look to be several good overviews of the current state of play on the key issues in this area. Given the slowness with which countries are moving to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions, technology policies might end up being more important in driving the transition to a lower carbon future.

The special issue is edited by William Nordhaus and Nebojsa Nakicenovic. I'm going to be reading them in preparation for the lectures I will give later this year in the Crawford course Government, markets and global change. My lectures are on the general topic of energy and the global environment with a particular focus on alternative energy technology policy. The course is a team taught course that uses cases studies to structure the lecture content. We are using a case study on US DOE funding for alternative energy technologies. I imagine these papers would also feed into writing my sections of our IPCC 5th Assessment Report chapter.

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