Saturday, January 1, 2011

Most Popular Posts of 2010

In case you missed one of my more popular posts from 2010, I'm kicking off 2011 with a list of the top ten hits. Actually, I saw a bunch of other much bigger bloggers doing this and was curious what my most popular posts were:

1. iamscientist. People are obviously very interested in learning more about this science social networking site.

2. 2009 Journal Citation Report Released. And people want to know which journals are highly ranked. Quite a few people asked me in e-mail to send the whole report. That's not possible.

3. Energy Mix and Energy Intensity. Part of my serialization of this paper.

4. The Ecological Economics Critique. Another part of my serialization of this paper.

5. ERA Ranked Journal List is Out. As well as the ranking by ISI people were interested in the Australian Research Council's ranking.

6. World Trade Report 2010.

7. The Rebound Effect. Yet another part of my serialization of this paper.

8. researchgate. Another social networking site.

9. New Controversy on Malaria and Climate Change. The paper on this topic is under review. I haven't put out a working paper version as it's not really an economics paper and working papers aren't the done thing in biology.

10. Job Talk Abstract. Everyone wants to know how to do a job talk. Unfortunately, they won't get much info at this post! This post is more useful.

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