Thursday, January 6, 2011

ARC Releases Funding Rules for 2012 Discovery Program

The ARC has released the new rules for projects starting in January 2012. The deadline for applying is 21 March 2011. The rules have been significantly changed and much simplified. The new document is about 1/3 the length of the old one. The main change is the introduction of "Discovery Outstanding Research Awards" (DORA - not to be confused with Dora the Explorer :)). These replace the Australian Professorial Fellowships (APF) but are offered at salary grades equivalent to levels C, D, and E. Level A and B applicants should apply through the new separate Early Career Award (detailed rules not yet released). There are no criteria for being eligible to apply for a DORA except those that apply to being able to apply for as a chief investigator on the project. The APF only paid 50% of salary unless a bunch of criteria were met or an exemption was approved. The new fellowships are also for only 3 years versus 5 years and are only awarded at 100% of salary.

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