Monday, June 8, 2015


Haven't blogged for over a month. Partly this is because I am doing more tweeting and also because I have been busy with the end of semester and traveling to Turkey (IAEE conference), Israel, and Abu Dhabi (International Energy Workshop). This was my first time attending the IEW. I think there is good feedback in the parallel sessions - better than at the IAEE meeting. On the other hand, the IAEE plenaries are more consistent, I think. IEW is strongly tied to the ETSAP modeling forum, which precedes it - TIMES/MARKAL models - and is attended by "modelers" rather than the mix of business, government, and academic communities at IAEE.

In other news, our paper on the behavior of carbon dioxide emissions in the short-run has been published in Global Environmental Change. The article is open access until 26 July. Also our survey paper in the Review of Economics is also open access.

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