Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Two Papers Accepted for Publication

Two of our papers have just been accepted for publication. One is my paper with Yingying Lu on sensitivity analysis of climate policy computable general equilibrium models. It has been accepted for publication in Environmental and Resource Economics. The other is a paper with George Halkos and Nikalaos Tzeremes. The paper is on environmental efficiency across the U.S. States and has been accepted by the Journal of Cleaner Production. We haven't put out a working paper version of this one. I'll do a blogpost on it when it is available online at the journal. George was a lecturer at University of York when I was a post-doc there.

In the case of the first paper, we only sent it to one journal (JEEM) before the one it was finally published in. We sent the second paper to quite a few journals but managed to get it into one with a pretty high impact factor after significant revision.

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