Sunday, March 16, 2014

Upcoming Presentations

I am giving a presentation to the Canberra Branch of AARES. It is at 6:30pm on Wednesday 19th March on Level 3 at UniPub on University Ave/London Circuit in Civic. It is a rerun of my presentation at the AARES Conference at Port Macquarie last month though I have updated a couple of the slides. Also presenting are my post-doc Yingying Lu and my colleague Paul Burke who is a coauthor on the paper I am presenting, which is titled: "Rethinking the emissions-income relationship in terms of growth rates”. Paul is presenting "Reducing household dependence on biomass energy in developing countries" and Yingying is presenting “Substitutability and the cost of climate mitigation policy”. The event is free for AARES members and $10 for non-members.

On Tuesday 1 April at 2pm I will be presenting the same paper at the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics regular seminar series. The seminar is in Seminar Room B in the Coombs Building at ANU. This will be a longer presentation and so I will present some additional and newer results.

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