Monday, March 10, 2014

Call for Papers: Special Issue of AJARE on Commodity Booms

Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AJARE)
Special issue on Resources and Energy Commodity Cycles: Maximising the Benefits of Resources and Energy Commodity Cycles

The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AJARE) is publishing a special issue on managing mining and energy commodity cycles for publication in 2015. Submissions are welcomed.

The economic effects of commodity cycles in mining and energy sectors are a major policy topic in resource-rich countries. This Special Issue will follow a previous special issue on Mining and Resource Economics in the journal in 2012, which has been very highly cited.  Submissions to the Special Issue should be focused on identifying and analysing economic drivers and impacts, as well as evaluating different policy mechanisms available to manage and ameliorate boom and bust cycles.

It is planned that the Special Issue will be released in print form in April 2015. It is anticipated that an associated Symposium or workshop on the topic will be held in Australia in early 2015 to engage policy makers in the research findings.

·         Issue Call – March 2014
·         Submissions due – 15th of September 2014
·         Manuscript selection – 30th of September 2014
·         1st round Reviews Due – 15th of November 2014
·         Review process completed – 31st of January 2015
·         Early bird publications – 28th of February 2015
·         Issued in print form – April 2015

Sample topic areas
·         Resource rents and taxation
·         Sovereign wealth funds
·         State roles to achieve benefit maximisation
·         Labour force transformations in the mining sector
·         Indigenous and remote area employment
·         Productivity growth over a commodity cycle
·         Positive and negative spillovers to other sectors / technology / workforce issues
·         Impacts of price and investment boom on exchange rates, interest rates and other sectors
·         Managing the transitioning from the peaks of resources and energy booms
·         Historical overviews of past commodity cycles
·         Managing conflicts over land use and environmental tradeoffs
·         Providing infrastructure, housing and services to resource regions
·         Economics of energy efficiency
·         Measuring and predicting price and investment cycles
·         Stranded capital and resource assets
·         Sustainable mining
·         Resource extraction and environmental tradeoffs
·         Coal and gas market analysis
·         Economics and regulation of unconventional gas
·         Energy demand and supply analyses

The special issue will be coordinated by Professor John Rolfe (Central Queensland University) and Professor Quentin Grafton (Australian National University), with additional support from the AJARE Editorial team. Further information about the Special Issue can be sourced from Professor John Rolfe (Email: / Phone: 61 (7) 4923 2132).

Early advice about intentions to submit would be welcomed. This can be done by emailing a prospective title and abstract to Professor John Rolfe (

Guidelines for authors and the process to submit an article to AJARE. 

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