Monday, June 10, 2013

First International Workshop on Econometric Applications in Climatology: Report

I spent last week in the US and Canada including attending the First International Workshop on Econometric Applications in Climatology. There was a spectrum of presentations on the scepticism dimension. I don't think anyone convinced anyone else but it was all very civilised. There were also both economists and natural scientists, papers on paleo and recent data etc. The papers are available from the conference website. I thought the most interesting presentation was by Shaun Lovejoy. He expanded more in his presentation along the lines of his recent paper "The climate is not what you expect". Christopher Essex's presentation was also very interesting. He presented long-time exposure (6 months - an example above) photos that show that what is visible on that time scale is different than our everyday experience. Cars on roads disappear but cars in parking lots become like quantum mechanical probability peaks. I got some helpful comments on my paper too.

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