Monday, June 10, 2013

Elsevier Journal Finder

A new tool from Elsevier gives you information on suitable journals for your paper, but more importantly average times to first editorial decision and acceptance rates. You just need to type in your paper title and paste your abstract. Times from acceptance to publication online seem to be over-estimated relative to current practice at Elsevier. The finder did pick the correct journal for my most recently published paper, though the alternatives were a bit odd. I would have expected Energy Policy to be the second choice, but it wasn't even on the list.


  1. I think it picks the correct journal for the already published papers, because it finds the perfect match with what has already been published there. I also suspect it has cookies enabled, because at some point it ended up suggesting (as the second and third choices) somewhat unrelated journals, but the ones it had suggested on previous tries.

  2. Hi David, recently I share exactly the same issue on Elsevier (and others online) Journal Finders.