Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journal of Economic Surveys 2012

Finally, my paper on interfuel substitution has been published in a formal issue of the journal:

Stern D. I. (2012) Interfuel substitution: A meta-analysis, Journal of Economic Surveys 26(2), 307-331.

It has been online on the journal's website since October 2010. A free working paper version is also available. I first blogged about this paper back in 2009 when the working paper went up. Since then we got a grant from the ARC which will allow me to hire a postdoc to look at the issues raised in that blogpost about climate change models. Specifically, will improved estimates of elasticities of substitution between fuels and between energy and capital make a big difference to predicted costs of climate change policies. I'll keep you posted on that over the next three years! :)

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