Monday, February 6, 2012

Acceptance Rates in the Top Environmental Economics Journals

How hard is it to get published in the top journals in environmental economics? From a variety of sources:

JEEM is a lot tougher to get into than the other two journals, but they aren't exactly easy.


  1. Interesting post.In the top list of journals in all the publishing companies, high acceptance rates will be for Environmental Economics Journals only.

  2. Interesting. What is the period of reference?

    1. I don't remember my sources now apart from Ecological Economics but it would be referring to the most recent year. One way to work out the acceptance rate at a journal at several publishers is either to submit or referee the paper and see what the manuscript number is and what the date in the year is. From this you can get a rough acceptance rate. We have an article in review at JEEM number 212 submitted on 15 May. They published 76 articles in 2013. So the estimated acceptance rate is 16%. Elsevier also publish the acceptance rates of all their journals in journal finder. There they state that the acceptance rate is 7% and Ecological Economics 22%.