Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roger Pielke Jr.

I'd never heard of either Roger Pielke Sr or Roger Pielke Jr until I read very critical commentary on both of them on the Climate Progress blog. I've looked through a lot of Pielke Junior's blogposts, his paper in nature with Wigley, and slides from a recent presentation he gave. Most of what I read seemed entirely non-controversial from my perspective. In no way is the guy a "climate denier". Rather, he seems concerned that:

1. Proposed policy is too ineffective and instead more measures should be taken to directly encourage innovation.

2. Scientific results are used incorrectly by many climate policy advocates. This reduces the credibility of science in the eyes of the public when they realise "they've been had".

So I don't see what all the fuss is about.

BTW on the question of the jokes Romm uses I get both the references though I've never seen Dr Strangelove (I was born the year it was released - 1964 in London) and never read the novel about Ripley (I've only heard the catchphrase due to the movie of it which I haven't seen either). I'm pretty sure my wife (born 1975 in Tianjin) wouldn't get either reference :) Literary allusions are hard to pull off in this internet age...

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