Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Climate Change Lunch

We met today for the monthly "Climate Change Lunch" that we hold at ANU - if you are in Canberra and interested in meeting to discuss climate change policy and economics please contact Jack Pezzey. Among the topics we discussed was my poll. In particular, we wondered why the distribution is bimodal. There are positive responses and negative responses, but no-one chose the class "0-25%". The one person who chose "no change" was me :) The mean response is -1%. We didn't come to any firm ideas about the clustering of responses. If you have any idea post it in the comments here. You can still vote in the poll too.

We did discuss the possibility of a collapse in human population driving lower emissions. I said that the only way I saw that happening in the next 40 years was from some new pandemic disease. Jack Pezzey pointed out that those most likely to die from any climate stress related population decline are probably fairly small per capita emitters in the poorest developing countries so that this wouldn't have a big effect on emissions.

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