Friday, November 24, 2017

Data and Code for "Energy and Economic Growth: The Stylized Facts" and an Erratum

Following a request for our estimation code we have now completed a full replication package for our 2016 Energy Journal paper and uploaded it to Figshare.

While we were putting this together we noticed some minor errors in the tables in the published paper. The reported standard errors of the coefficients of lnY/P in Tables 2 and 3 for the results without outliers are incorrect. We accidentally pasted the standard errors from Table 5 into Tables 2 and 3. The correct versions of Tables 2 and 3 should look like this:

The standard errors for unconditional convergence in Tables 4 and 6 are also incorrect. The reported standard errors are not robust and one was completely wrong. The tables should look like:

None of these errors results in the significance level in terms of 1%, 5% etc. changing.

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