Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What Do Crawford School Economists Do?

I'm doing quite a bit of background work for our School Review, a review of the Future of Asia-Pacific Economics etc. The following table is based on the self-identified "Fields of Research" of core Crawford economics faculty. Most people chose more than one field. If, for example, someone chose three fields, then I attributed 1/3 of an FTE to each for that person. The result looks like this:

Our research foci are economic development and growth, environmental and resource economics, and international economics and finance. The (non-geographical) fields that we rank best in globally in RePEc are: Environment 7, Energy 7, Resources 11, Agriculture 23, Growth 29, International Trade 32, Development 39. So, this focus also is where we perform well.

Most Crawford economists have countries that they focus on. Using a similar approach I put together this table:

Naturally, Australia is number one, then follow China, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In RePEc, we rank 4th in the SE Asia ranking, 18th in Central/Western Asia (which actually includes South Asia), and 39th in the China subject ranking. This reflects more of our historical focus, while the current faculty is more focused on NE Asia. We don't have any current faculty with a professed interest in Thailand, for example! Of course, there is also less competition in research on SE Asia than on China and so that will also affect our ranking.

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