Monday, March 13, 2017

March Update

Just realized that we are already in the third month of the year and I haven't posted anything here yet! Things have been very busy with both work and family, so there hasn't been time to put out the blogposts only indirectly related to my research that I used to do - instead I'll usually tweet something on those topics - and research-wise things have either been at the relatively early research stages or the final publication stages. But there will soon be some new working papers going up and some blogposts here discussing them!

On the research front, in January we were mainly focused on putting the final touches on our climate change paper in time for the deadline for the special issue of the Journal of Econometrics. My coauthors want to wait for some feedback before posting a working paper on that. Then in February my collaborators Stephan Bruns and Alessio Moneta visited Canberra to work with me on modeling the economy-wide rebound effect as part of our ARC DP16 project. I spent the first half of the month working hard on the topic to prepare for their visit. We made good progress but it will be at least a few months till we have a paper on the topic ready. So far, it seems robust that the rebound effect is big. Then since they left, I've been catching up.

Recently, Paul Burke said: "You've already got three papers accepted this year - are you going to keep that pace up? ;)" He'd been keeping better count than me! Our original paper on the growth rates approach to modeling emissions and economic growth was accepted at Environment and Development Economics. Two related papers were also accepted - at Journal of Bioeconomics and Climatic Change. I also have three revise and resubmits to be working on... though one of those came in 2016... I'll put out one or two of those as working papers when we resubmit them.

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