Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mid-Year Update

It's the first official day of winter today here in Australia, though it has felt wintry here in Canberra for about a week already. The 1st Semester finished last Friday and as I didn't teach I don't have any exams or papers to grade and the flow of admin stuff and meetings seems to have sharply declined. So, most of this week I can just dedicate to catching up and getting on with my research. It almost feels like I am on vacation :) Looking at my diary, the pace will begin to pick up again from next week.

I'm working on two main things this week. One is the Energy for Economic Growth Project that has now been funded by the UK Department for International Development. I mentioned our brainstorming meeting last July in Oxford in my 2015 Annual Report. I am the theme leader for Theme 1 in the first year of the project. In the middle of this month we have a virtual workshop for the theme to discuss the outlines for our proposed papers. I am coauthoring a survey paper with Paul Burke and Stephan Bruns on the macro-economic evidence as part of Theme 1. There are two other papers in the theme: one by Catherine Wolfram and Ted Miguel on the micro-economic evidence and one by Neil McCulloch on the binding constraints approach to the problem.

The other is my paper with Jack Pezzey on the Industrial Revolution, which we have presented at various conferences and seminars over the last couple of years. I'm ploughing through the math and tidying the presentation up. It's slow going but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! This paper was supposed to be a key element in the ARC Discovery Projects grant that started in 2012.

In the meantime, work has started on our 2016 Discovery Projects grant. Zsuzsanna Csereklyei has now started work at Crawford as a research fellow funded by the grant. She has been scoping the potential sources of data for tracing the diffusion of energy efficient innovations and processing the first potential data source that we have identified. It is hard to find good data sources that are usable for our purpose.

There is a lot of change in the air at ANU as we have a new vice-chancellor on board since the beginning of the year and now a new director for the Crawford School has been appointed and will start later this year. We are also working out again how the various economics units at ANU relate to each other... I originally agreed to be director of the Crawford economic program for a year. That will certainly continue now to the end of this year. It's not clear whether I'll need to continue in the role longer than that.

Finally, here is a list of all papers published so far this year or now in press. I can't remember how many of them I mentioned on the blog, though I probably mentioned all on Twitter:

Bruns S. B. and D. I. Stern (in press) Research assessment using early citation information, Scientometrics. Working Paper Version | Blogpost

Stern D. I. and D. Zha (in press) Economic growth and particulate pollution concentrations in China, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies. Working Paper Version | Blogpost
Lu Y. and D. I. Stern (2016) Substitutability and the cost of climate mitigation policy, Environmental and Resource Economics. Working Paper Version | Blogpost

Sanchez L. F. and D. I. Stern (2016) Drivers of industrial and non-industrial greenhouse gas emissions, Ecological Economics 124, 17-24. Working Paper Version | Blogpost 1 | Blogpost 2

Costanza R., R. B. Howarth, I. Kubiszewski, S. Liu, C. Ma, G. Plumecocq, and D. I. Stern (2016) Influential publications in ecological economics revisited, Ecological Economics. Working Paper Version | Blogpost

Csereklyei Z., M. d. M. Rubio Varas, and D. I. Stern (2016) Energy and economic growth: The stylized facts, Energy Journal 37(2), 223-255. Working Paper Version | Blogpost

Halkos G. E., D. I. Stern, and N. G. Tzeremes (2016) Population, economic growth and regional environmental inefficiency: Evidence from U.S. states, Journal of Cleaner Production 112(5), 4288-4295. Blogpost

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