Thursday, August 27, 2015

Global Energy Use: Decoupling or Convergence Accepted to be Published in Energy Economics

My paper with Zsuzsanna Csereklyei on trends in global energy use and whether they can be better explained by decoupling or convergence in energy intensity or some mixture has been accepted to be published in Energy Economics. I wrote a blogpost about the paper in December last year when we first completed the paper.

This was not a bad review experience though Zsuzsanna who is in a short-term post-doc position would have liked it to be faster! We first sent the paper to World Development who desk-rejected it. Then we sent it to Energy Economics. The first review took seven months due to one of the referees dropping out due to family health problems and then the journal needed to get another referee. We turned around the paper in 12 days and then got a conditional acceptance a month later. We turned that around in one day and got the final acceptance a day later. This paper applies the method developed in Anjum et al. (2014) to energy and also adds treatment of spatial autocorrelation. The whole process of writing and publishing this paper took place while Anjum et al. has been in review...

Update 5 October

The journal also got the final version of the paper with page numbers onto the web incredibly quickly following us returning the final proofs.

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