Saturday, July 11, 2015

Papers from Google Scholar

One way that I keep up to date is to track the papers that cite me using Google Scholar alerts. This time I thought some of the papers were more interesting than usual, particularly the economic history papers. Well it's one way to produce a quick blogpost :)

Y Ren, D Parker, G Ren, R Dunn - Climate Dynamics, 2015
Abstract The spatial and temporal pattern of sub-daily temperature change in mainland
China was analysed for the period from 1973 to 2011 using a 3-hourly dataset based on 408
stations. The increase in surface air temperature was more significant by night between ...

H Nielsen
Abstract This paper examines the role of foreign trade in the consumption of primary energy
in the Czech Republic and to what extent adjustment for energy embodied in trade effects
the country's energy intensity curve. As opposed to previous studies, this article takes a ...

G Esenduran, E Kemahlıoglu-Ziya, JM Swaminathan
ABSTRACT In the last two decades, many countries have enacted product take-back
legislation that holds manufacturers responsible for the collection and environmentally
sound treatment of end-of-use products. In an industry regulated by such legislation, we ...

R Hölsgens, B Gales, JP Smits, F Notten
In this paper we analyze recent estimates of annual CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions from
energy consumption in the Netherlands since 1800 alongside another emission to air
resulting from energy consumption: SO2 (sulfur dioxide). The new time series on CO2 can ...

E Ömer, M BAYRAK - Anemon Muş Alparslan Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler …, 2015
Özet Enerji; kullanım şekli, miktarı, bileşimi, yapısı ve mahiyetiyle ekonomik ve sosyal
gelişmişliğin temel ölçütlerinden biridir. Bir ülkede mevcut enerji arzının enerji talebini
karşılayamadığı durum olarak tanımlanan enerji açığı; büyüme ve kalkınma sürecinde, ...

R Hölsgens, C Ducoing, M Rubio, B Gales
Abstract The relationship between energy and capital is one of the most important
relationships of modern economic growth. Machines need energy to produce all the goods
we enjoy; energy without machinery is useless. However, the great majority of the ...

Z Guevaraa, JFD Rodriguesc, T Domingosb
Abstract Conventional energy input-output models were developed about 40 years ago and
have not been significantly improved since. These conventional models offer a limited
description of energy flows in the economy. This paper introduces a novel energy input- ...

M Amoah, O Marfo, M Ohene - Forests, Trees and Livelihoods, 2015
Firewood is the dominant fuel type used by rural households in Ghana. However, the
scarcity of firewood species has raised concerns about the sustainable use of this fuel type.
This study investigated the firewood consumption pattern, firewood species used by rural ...

B Deng, Y Li
Abstract: Efficiency Power Plant (EPP) promotes the use of energy-efficiency power plant
technology and energy efficient equipment, coupled with its low-input, zero pollution, zero
emissions and other advantages, has an important role in the control of energy ...

JD Urrutia, MLT Olfindo, R Tampis
Abstract: The researchers aim to formulate a mathematical model to forecast Exchange Rate of the Philippines from the 1st Quarter of 2015 up to the 4th Quarter of 2020 using
Autoregressive integrated Moving Average (ARIMA). The researchers used the data ...

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