Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Environmental and Resource Economics Journals

There aren't that many field journals in environmental, resource, and energy economics in the Journal Citation Reports:

REEP and JEEM are clearly the top journals in terms of article influence scores but Ecological Economics dominates the field as measured by Eigenfactor Score or total citations because it is a much bigger journal. JEEM is also ranked 48th among economics journals by Article Influence, so this whole field is not that highly ranked.


  1. Hello Prof. Stern! Here is Hao, Yu. It is an interesting and useful summary! How about Environment and Development Economics?

  2. Yes, I don't know why I forgot that one. The most up to date data for EDE is:

    Total cites: 761
    JIF: 0.985
    5 Year JIF: 1.447
    Eigenfactor: 0.00175
    AIS: 0.615

  3. So, it ranks about the same as AJARE.