Thursday, May 29, 2014

Elsevier Article Usage Dashboards and Tips for Early Career Researchers

The new article usage dashboards are a nice feature of Elsevier journals. Here is the dashboard for my 2013 article in Energy Economics:

It's interesting to see where our paper is being downloaded. China is in the lead. Obviously there are a lot of downloads in Sweden and Australia as the authors are Swedish and Australian and the data is Swedish. Also, there are a lot of downloads in Turkey, which has a lot of researchers in energy economics.

There is also a link in the Dashboard to a page with lots of useful guides for early career researchers. Some of the advice will also be useful for more senior researchers looking to get greater impact from their publications.


  1. This is very interesting but I cannot find the Dashboard on the Elsevier web site. Could you please give a link?

  2. Actually Elsevier sent me a link to the dashboard for my article. I am not sure if it is implemented on all journals or whether access is possible from the web.