Thursday, January 9, 2014

ARC Discovery Projects 2015 Funding Rules Released

The ARC released the funding rules for the current grant round. A single document now also includes the rules for the DECRA, Laureate fellowships, and Discovery Indigenous Grants. A separate document reveals the specific changes to the Discovery program in this round compared to previous rounds. The most important changes, I think, are that :
  • You can now apply for five years of funding rather than just three.
  • There are no DORA fellowships for 2015!
  • The limit on publication costs of 2% of non-salary part of the budget (which could be very little in many cases) is abolished and now you need to justify specifically the publication costs on the proposal.
  • International Collaboration Awards are no longer awarded on a pro rata basis but up to $20k and up to 12 months.
The ARC has apparently not yet released the instructions for applicants.

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