Saturday, November 23, 2013

2012 SNIP and SJR Values Released

I'm a bit behind the curve here but new values for Elsevier's bibliometric indicators SNIP and SJR were released on 18th October. The indicators have been refined further. Both SNIP and SJR are supposed to now average 1 for the journals included in Scopus. But I found that only 5949 journals had a SNIP of one or greater out of 18684 journals with a non-zero SNIP. For SJR only 3234 journals out of 19988 had values of of one or greater. So, this is pretty confusing. Also, unfortunately The Energy Journal still has missing values. We use SNIP internally at Crawford School, because it is the best indicator we have to compare across journals, but clearly there are still some questions about it both regarding the normalization and the very large number of journals with missing values.

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