Sunday, October 27, 2013

Special Issue of Energies: Call for Papers

Energies is an open access journal on all topics relating to energy. I have agreed to be the guest editor of a special issue on energy transitions and economic change. The journal is indexed in both the Web of Science and Scopus with an impact factor of 1.844 (5 year IF = 2.087) and a SNIP of 1.296 (SJR = 0.543). I am looking for contributions on all topics related to energy transitions past, present, and future (the theme of my current funded research project) and related economic changes. I'm looking for a broad interpretation of energy transition to include not just changes in energy carriers used but also in the scale of energy use. Some of the topics that could be covered are:
  • economics of new renewable energy technologies
  • energy efficiency and the rebound effect
  • energy ladder in developing countries
  • historical energy transitions (biomass to coal, coal to oil etc.)
  • role of energy in economic growth
  • energy and climate change
  • energy security
  • peak oil
  • economics of unconventional fossil fuels
 But this is just to give you an idea of the type of papers we are looking for. The deadline for submissions is 15 July 2014 but early submissions that pass the refereeing process before that date will be published before then.

I look forward to some interesting submissions and will update the blog with progress.

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