Monday, August 12, 2013

Growth in Oil Reserves 2011-12

I'm updating my lecture on fossil fuels for my Energy Economics class. BP released its latest Statistical Review of World Energy about a month ago and I'm taking my first look at it. The graph above shows the ten largest increases in oil reserves by country. I used the reserve data for 2012 in this year's report and the reserve data for 2011 in last year's report to calculate the difference. Some of the changes in reserves have been backdated in the current report. The US comes in third with 4.1 billion barrels. US reserves have increased by 6.6 billion barrels or around 15% since the fracking boom took off. Of course, this doesn't reflect the amount of oil discovered as there is ongoing production. But US reserves remain at around 2% of the world total. In terms of increases in proven reserves this isn't yet revolutionary or game changing, I think.

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