Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Most Popular Posts 2012

These are the most popular new posts in 2012. In general my readers are interested in journal rankings and impact and jobs but also some other topics. These numbers are based on my Google Analytics reports. The stats that Google now provides within Blogger would give a somewhat different hit list.

1. PLOS One's 2011 Impact Factor. PLoS ONE is the world's biggest journal and so a lot of people are interested in its impact factor. A lot of the hits on my blog are PLoS ONE related.

2. In Defence of Elsevier. Being controversial helps hits :)

3. Several Crawford Jobs Available. I posted the link on RESECON and got lots of hits.

4. The Rise and Fall of Ecological Economics. This is more of a surprise in terms of number of hits.

5. Scientific Collaboration Networks. These maps are cool.

6. 2011 Journal Citation Report Released. More journal rankings.

7. Acceptance Rates in the Top Environmental Economics Journals. More on getting published, or not.

8. Google Scholar Metrics. Another way to rank journals.

9. Calculating an Individual Impact Factor Using Scopus. A way to compare individual researchers to journals. And it is pretty easy to do.

10. The Inside Story on the 2010 ERA Economics Journals Rankings. Yet more on journal rankings.

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