Sunday, April 29, 2012

Global Trends Graph Updated to 2010

As I'm preparing for my first lecture later this week in CRWF 8000 I'm updating my slides from last semester. I'm using the data we collected for our paper on the 2010 rebound in carbon emissions to update a graph I've used to open a few presentations in the last couple of years:

This introduces the big picture trends of growth energy use and climate change. It's now updated to 2010 showing the rebound from the GFC world recession (or economic slowdown :)). This is just the first slide to be updated. This one looks at emissions in four key countries:

Australia obviously, the two biggest emitters - China and the US - and the UK which industrialized first. The main thing to notice is the continued meteoric rise of emissions in China, which passed the US in 2006 as the largest emitter.

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