Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hub Project Almost Wrapped Up

The main paper from my Environmental Economics Research Hub project has just been accepted for publication in Energy Economics. It is titled: "Modeling international trends in energy efficiency and carbon emissions". This is really the background paper behind the paper that Frank Jotzo and I published in Energy Policy in 2010. In that paper we applied this model to assessing climate policy in India and China. This paper goes into much more detail about the factors related to differences in energy efficiency across countries and the trends across the world in energy efficiency over time and whether countries are converging in energy efficiency or not globally (mostly converging if they are growing). I also do a decomposition of global energy use and carbon emissions and provide much more detail on the methods which are a bit innovative on both the theory and econometrics side. As you can tell there is a lot in the paper. There was even more in my original report. I already trimmed that report before submitting it and after refereeing I cut the choice theory model out and slimmed stuff down even more.

My Hub project was funded by the Environmental Economics Research Hub for a year from March 2009 to March 2010 during which I was a researcher in the Arndt Corden Department of Economics at ANU. So it has taken almost two years to go from working paper to acceptance and will be more time until publication. The third paper that emerged from the project was between estimates of the environmental Kuznets curve, which was published in Ecological Economics eventually.

The Hub itself was a research network involving ANU and other Australian universities funded under the CERF scheme that funded research in various environmental areas.

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