Thursday, November 17, 2011

Google Scholar Citations Now Open to All

Google Scholar Citations is a new academic profile service that is very similar to Researcher ID but using Google Scholar citations instead. The service has been in limited release but now is open to everyone. I found that I didn't need to make too many edits to my profile. The main issue is the entries which are prefaced by "[Citation]" in Google Scholar. These are sources that Google Scholar has found cited in publications but cannot find on the web. Most of these are not included in my profile and I couldn't add all of them. As a result my H-Index in the profile is one point lower than the number I computed direct from Google Scholar. The total citation count is 0.5% lower than what I found with my manual search in Google Scholar. Overall, I think this is a great innovation though I would like to be able to get a bit more access to the numbers of citations per year rather than just having a graph at the top of the profile. Still, I'm sure it is early days at this point.

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  1. You can add [CITATION]-prefixed entries from Google Scholar to your profile by following the "To add one article at a time" instructions at: