Thursday, October 20, 2011

Foundation Seminar

As I am a new professor and continuing academic staff member in the Crawford School I am scheduled to give what is called a "Foundation Seminar" also known as an "Inaugural Lecture". This will be on Tuesday, 1st November in the Acton Theatre at the Crawford School. There will be drinks from 12pm with the seminar from 12:30-1:30pm. The title and abstract follow:

Energy and Economic Growth: The “Stylized Facts”

In 1961, Nicholas Kaldor highlighted six “stylized’’ facts to summarize the patterns that economists had discovered in national income accounts and to shape the growth models being developed to explain them. Recently Charles Jones and Paul Romer introduced a set of “new Kaldor facts” for growth economics. This lecture will attempt to summarize what we know about energy and economic growth in a similar set of stylized facts and to explain the patterns we see. It will draw on the recent research of the speaker and colleagues in Australia and Europe.

There should be a video available after the event and I'll post the slides too.

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