Friday, July 29, 2011

Add Papers to Your Profile is still I think a somewhat experimental social media website. It hasn't got a lot of momentum with faculty members yet - most of the participants are grad students. This is true at Crawford School too. 27 Crawford people are on but there are only four faculty members and two post-docs among them. This is because I think the website is most useful for people who don't have an official university or personal website. They can create a profile and add their CV, papers etc. I hadn't bothered adding anything beyond a CV and a link to my own personal website.

Recently, I got an e-mail from saying that they found some of my papers on the web and would I like to add them to my profile? I added them and since then have found a massive increase in the number of Google hits my profile on is getting. So I think it is definitely worth adding papers to your profile.

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