Monday, July 12, 2010

Call for References: The Role of Energy in Economic Growth

Back in April I did a series of posts on energy and economic growth which serialised a review paper I was editing on the topic. A couple of those have been among my post popular posts in the last few months. Now I am revising the paper again for the final version. The referees made a lot of comments but I am also reading some additional papers and seeing if they fit into the story. So if you think there is something I should include please contact me and I'll be happy to consider it and if I use it include you in the acknowledgments. I already have 175 references though and the referees complained about some things I hadn't included so I'm not planning on adding a lot of stuff. But if it is important I will. I will put out a working paper when this revision is complete. Use the search function in Blogger to see if your reference was already included in one of the series.

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