Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Things Coming Up...

I haven't blogged much this month as I've been very busy, mainly on trying to finish my EERH Hub project and set up the next stage in my career. A couple of the things coming up soon:

Frank Jotzo will be giving a presentation at the Crawford School at 12:30 on Tuesday analyzing the emissions reduction targets put forward by countries at Copenhagen. This will include our joint work on China and India's emissions intensity reduction targets. We will have a working paper up by then and a media release is planned. We have updated our projections since the AARES meeting in Adelaide, though the basic conclusions about China and India's targets remain.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the Department of Climate Change stating that they had received a request from a "global news outlet" to release the names and affiliations of the people they are nominating to the IPCC to work on Assessment Report 5. I am a nominee for Working Group III. The British and US governments also have been requested to release this information. DCC will be putting the info on their website. I guess this is good if it leads to more transparency in the IPCC process.

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