Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Do Australian High School Economics Students Need to Know?

Peter Martin links to the most recent HSC and VCE exams in economics. HSC is the high school diploma level exam in New South Wales. Looking through it, it is largely comparable to the college level Intro Economics course I taught in the US with the following differences:

1. It's almost entirely macro-economics instead of a 50:50 balance of micro and macro

2. There's a very strong emphasis on international aspects by comparison.

3. There are fewer of the easy questions we'd throw in.

4. Less computation is needed to answer the harder questions.

No idea what an American high school exam in economics would look like. My high school in England offered economics but I didn't take it at either O or A level.


  1. I did O Level economics in 1985 and I think it was mainly macro. Or maybe those are just the bits I remember.

  2. Sorry 1983, not that it matters :-).