Friday, June 4, 2010

Equations in Microsoft Word 2008

The equation editor in Microsoft Word 2004 was incompatible with the latest Macintosh operating system, rendering some symbols in equations incorrectly. So I "upgraded" to Word 2008. But now when I saved a document in the new .docx format all equations were converted to pictures. Some online research showed that the bug was due to interaction between footnotes and equations. I got around this bug by saving documents in the old .doc format. But I just downloaded the two latest updates to Word 2008 from Microsoft's site and now the problem seems to have been finally solved.

However, I'm still using Excel 2004 because the new version of Excel's chart features are so screwed up in my opinion. I have looked at switching entirely to iLife or OpenOffice. OpenOffice's spreadsheet just looked totally terrible and Numbers and Pages both don't seem to include all the features I want. So I'm still stuck with Microsoft in the meantime.

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  1. Sweet, that bug has been kicking my ass on collaborative work for the last two years.