Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IEA Data at the National Library of Australia

International Energy Agency data is essential for serious global energy research but is very expensive. The full database costs E1400 ($A2,400) per year. If you only need a small amount of data you can purchase a "datacard" but it's still expensive. In my previous position at RPI I purchased data when necessary using research grants. But Paul Burke told me that the National Library of Australia has a subscription to the data and that as long as you go in person to the library you can download anything you want for free. So I went there yesterday and downloaded all the data I need. You can get to the data from the SourceOECD website and select "IEA Databases" from the pulldown menu. Visiting different libraries to access data sources used to be a big part of the kind of research I do but with electronic access I don't find myself doing too much of it anymore...

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