Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Article in The Conversation

Michael Hopkins, an editor at The Conversation, suggested I follow up my blogpost on the IPCC 'censorship' controversy with a piece in The Conversation. That article is out today. The censorship story has also been picked up on by Science magazine.

If you are wondering whether to contribute to sites like The Conversation, I think it is well worth it, though it is a bit more work than I usually put into a blogpost. My blogpost last Thursday on the censorship issue has received 210 hits so far according to Google. People who just navigated to my home page rather than selecting the article title aren't counted, but probably don't amount to a huge number of additional views. Our 13th April article in The Conversation has got 4720 hits so far and my previous two articles there have gotten 1681 and 1859 hits each. Three of my blogposts have exceeded those numbers (11-13000 hits) and they are all about PLoS ONE and impact factors. My next best blogpost is this one with 1666 hits. Typical numbers are in the low hundreds if I'm lucky. So, I can get much more reach on a site like The Conversation than a typical post on my blog about my own research achieves. Of course, not all stories are going to be suitable for sites like these, but it's worth thinking about what might be suitable.

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