Friday, March 30, 2012

Open Access Might Not Stay Open Access Forever

I'm a bit late on this news, but I just found out that the kind of open access * B.E. Journals were sold to a publisher called De Gruyter and are now no longer open access at all. So authors who published in these journals in the past have now had their articles go from open access to being quite difficult to access as DeGruyter is not one of the big platform publishers like Elsevier or Springer that a lot of libraries subscribe to. I don't think that this will happen to PLoS or to journals like Theoretical Economics published by the Econometric Society, but it does mean you have to be wary of publishing with less known open access publishers who might suddenly not be open access in the future.

* You had to fill in a form that informed your library about the journal in order to access articles.

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